Pedro & Chela’s Legacy

Tu Mole Madre is a free expression chef’s house.
We don’t have a menu. Every day is a new day.

About Us

Like the tree of life, our family constellation has ties to a primary source.

The Díaz brothers emerged from our parents love, Pedro and Chela, in the state of Oaxaca, near to ‘el Ombligo de la Luna,’ Mexico.
Our mother molded us with mole. Our father drained mezcal into our blood. They are our root and their legacy are the fruits of their gastronomic heritage — mole.

Tu Mole Madre is our offering to the culinary ritual that for generations our relatives made, to put in our hands and for us to share with friends in Northern California.


Tu Mole Madre is a free expression chef’s house. We don’t have a menu. Every day is a new day. In balance with the elements around us, we prepare a variety of mole dishes to small or large parties at our Windsor venue.

One thing is for sure, you will find a variety of moles every time you come for dinner —not only in our special dishes, surprisingly also in cocktails and desserts.
Even though we count on our house chef, specialized in meat cuts, we often invite chefs around the Bay Area to add their touch and approach to our house made moles in new creative ways.

Like maize, mole is life itself. Everything around us moves as an orchestra to elaborate the richest and most aromatic moles. Here you will find it over meats, splashed on veggies, decorating appetizers, on the rim of your cocktail or in the shape of a sweet surprise.
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When we look at our mole, we see past, present and future.
We see our grandmother, our mother, the elders in our hometown.
By making mole we are reliving the wisdom of our ancestors.
We are reliving them, here. In that sense, mole is eternal.
It is life itself.
We thank our parents for their virtue and energy.
The food we prepare is an expression of gratitude to them, always.

Cooking Classes

Food is the maximum celebration of life. We want to share that gift to our community in the North Bay.
We take groups of students from elementary school to college. Couples that want to deepen their skills on authentic Mexican food. Groups of friends interested in having a cooking party.
We provide the space, the tools, the ingredients and the knowledge. You come to enrich yourself.
Led by our lovely madre, Chela Díaz, she will share her skills in traditional Oaxacan food in a fun and nourishing workshop.

Other Bay Area chefs can also be part of this culinary experience.
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(707) 335-4282
  8465 Old Redwood Hwy, #510,
Windsor, CA 95492

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